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Morning Star,

I'm sending this check for 2 reasons. First to support your Walk of Life effort but second as a celebration of the life of our new granddaughter. My wife and I have given to Morning Star for many years but little did we EVER think that one day Morning Star would touch our lives.

In 2016 my daughter lost her job in the medical field and and along with that, her health benefits. About the same time her husband started a new job and since the company is very small they do not provide health benefits. Also after 4 year of marriage and not getting pregnant, my daughter found herself in exactly that state.

When she researched plans under the Affordable Care Act she discovered that they were anything but. The premiums were steep along with the deductibles for pre-existing condition plans and there were just 2 to choose from.

Not knowing any better at that point (she was not involved in any aspects of prenatal or infant care in the work she did), she contacted Planned Parenthood to get an idea about prenatal costs and services. The conversation started out rather innocuously. She asked about their services and costs, but at that point had not mentioned that all she wanted was an ultrasound and maybe some more sophisticated tests to confirm her pregnancy. She was told she would have to come to the clinic, fill out some forms, and then someone would speak to her about the abortion procedure! Abortion was never even mentioned by my daughter nor was she ever planning on getting one! When she told the woman on the other end of the line she was looking for some prenatal services, the answer was, "we don't do that".

Needless to say she couldn't believe what she heard. But, as you know, this is the insidious deception of Planned Parenthood. The devil coming as an angel of light in a manner of speaking.

So, realizing that she was probably going to have to self-pay since in the end it would actually end up being cheaper and that she could use her medical knowledge to help limit costs, she began researching places for initial prenatal care before choosing a doctor or medical facility.

To shorten this story, she ended up at Morning Star. They gave her an ultrasound, information about various facilities for prenatal and delivery, and other important information. She had nothing but praise for their kindness and caring spirit.

So what were the results? Two things. My daughter is way more savvy about Planned Parenthood and the real agenda, and baby Amelia entered this world on March 18, 2017. What a wonderful blessing and joy! God bless Morning Star and the work you all do!

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