Because You're Worth It

Sexual Integrity Program

Because You’re Worth It  is an educational program that helps teens resist the pressures that lead to sexual activity. Every year thousands of teenage girls find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy and 9 million young people contract a sexually transmitted infection. Students learn how the choices they make now affect them - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

This program offers teens medically accurate information on the possible outcomes of sexual activity, including STD’s, pregnancy and emotional heartache. It is available to the public schools as an enhancement to their mandated comprehensive sex educa-tion programs, as well as to private schools, youth groups and community agencies. In the last six years, over 7,000 teens in our area have heard the message to wait until marriage or to make the choice to start over.

Because You’re Worth It  has been presented in 16 different high schools, as well as various community groups and church youth groups. To arrange a talk for your school or organization, please contact Leslie Moyer at 717-901.2799, ext 202 or