Prayer Support

At Morning Star we believe that the prayers of righteous men and women are powerful and effective (James 5:16). We desperately need the protection afforded to our ministry from the prayers of God’s faithful people. Join us in faithfully praying for the needs of the clients, volunteers, staff, and their families.

General Prayer Requests:

Pray for God to unfold his will in the greater Harrisburg area. Pray that our leadership team will be led by the Holy Spirit as they make and develop relationships.

Pray for the success of our new client website and for our new billboards that more abortion vulnerable women would be drawn to our doors.
Pray for adequate staff and volunteers called by God to minister to those needs.

Pray that our new staff members and volunteers will transition smoothly into their new positions.

Pray for God to prepare the hearts of our clients to receive and act upon God’s truth, that God would flood clients’ hearts with hope.

Pray that God will continue to direct, empower and be glorified through this ministry.

Pray that we will be effective and efficient in accomplishing our mission.

Pray for the women who are currently enrolled in Surrendering the Secret post abortion study that will receive wholeness and healing in Christ from the pain and guilt of their abortion experiences

Pray for the expansion our sexual integrity program “Because You’re Worth It” in area high schools and youth groups to reach more teens with the message of renewed virginity.

 Additional Prayer Opportunities:

Weekly Prayer Meeting
You are invited to come and join the staff in prayer from 9 am to 10 am on Wednesdays in our Walnut St. Administration Building.

Power in the Spoken Word
We are seeking individuals to come in pairs, two by two, and read the scripture aloud in our Harrisburg office for one hour at a time. Our goal is to have our center covered in prayer every day and every hour that our center is open. To schedule a slot, please contact Jane Tabone at 717-901-3375 or

Monthly On-Site Prayer Service
We are seeking Pastors who will come to our center once a month and lead a prayer service calling on the Lord to bless this ministry, our staff, volunteers, facilities, and clients. If you are interested in leading a prayer service at Morning Star in 2013, please call or email Bryce McMinn at 717-901-3377 or