What We Do

Our Clinics & Services
Pregnancy services form the core of Morning Star’s ministry. On her very first visit to our clinics, each pregnant woman we see receives a free ultrasound and compassionate, confidential counseling. And she leaves knowing that Morning Star is there to help.
Morning Star Pregnancy Services provides no-cost STD testing and treatment to over 900 men and women each year. Through our STD program, Morning Star reaches out to young adults in Central PA with truth and compassion before they experience an unplanned pregnancy.
Morning Star is committed to ensuring that each new parent in our community has the resources they need to provide a nurturing home for their child. We provide parenting education classes, community referrals, and baby supplies to over 1000 clients in Central PA.
Sexual Integrity Program

We believe that all youth deserve successful relationships. That’s why Morning Star has a dedicated team of educators who present an accurate and engaging program on sexual risk and healthy relationships to teens in more than 20 local middle schools, high schools, and youth groups.

#UnfilteredTruth uses a national, peer-reviewed curriculum to help teens rise above the risk and avoid high-risk behaviors that lead to STDs, unplanned pregnancy, and abortion.  The program empowers teens to make positive choices and develop healthy relationships that set them up for a successful future.

Post Abortion Support

At Morning Star, we know that abortion has lasting effects. Abortion creates a deep wound in women – one that affects them spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Whether it happened recently or many years ago, those affected by abortion can experience a deep sense of loss and emotional pain.

Through our HEART program, Morning Star offers confidential help for individuals suffering from the effects of a past abortion. Our support groups and healing retreat weekends are a source of hope and comfort: You can heal, and you are not alone.

Client Stories
Darleen came to Morning Star when she found out she was pregnant. Her mom had passed away several years prior, she had been homeless, she had other children, she was in a verbally and mentally abusive relationship with the father of the baby, and ultimately—she felt trapped. Even though Darleen had a...
Maria and John were both trying to get their lives on track after battling addictions and overcoming legal problems. Both of them had children before they met. When Maria found out she was pregnant, they both came to Morning Star. Upon having an ultrasound, Maria and John found out they were having twins....
Kristen contacted Morning Star because she had just discovered she was pregnant. She told the counselor she was undecided as to what to do about this pregnancy.  She also shared that she had a previous abortion at the age of 16 at the insistence of her mother. To complicate matters...
Jenna made an appointment with Morning Star and told her counselor that she did want her baby, but she wasn’t sure how Dylan, the father of the baby, felt.  Jenna wasn’t sure if he would support her or if he wanted her to have an abortion.  At Jenna’s next appointment,...
Jenna & Dylan
Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, Ava entered Morning Star’s doors tearful and afraid.  She was already a mom to a pre-teen and another little one under the age of two.  She had a job that she could not lose, in order to support her other two children, but it required...